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Scuba Diving

Manta reef and whale sharks

Diving in Mozambique can be an extraordinary experience! It’s well known that some of the best dive sports in the world are in Mozambique. Whilst Humpback Whale sightings are seasonal, Whale Sharks, Manta Rays, Turtles and Dolphins can be seen all year around.

Dolphins – quite common breaking the surface alongside boats, passing the front of the lodge in the Bay, or coming up playfully when diving or snorkelling.

Humpback Whales – migrate annually from Antarctica to the warm waters close to the equator where they give birth and breed and are normally seen from June to October (most likely in August).

Manta Rays – the Mozambique coastline from Barra up to Bazaruto is considered to be a hotspot.

Turtles – 5 of the world’s eight turtle species are found off the Inhamhane coast.

Whale Sharks – after South America and Philippines, Mozambique ranks in the Top 5 destinations for diving with the biggest fish in the ocean.

A qualified divers’ paradise; dive instructor on request; all equipment available to rent.


Scuba diving trips can be organized by the Pura Vida Lodge. Please ask the Management for further details.


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