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Do you realy want to do this ?

Let us introduce you to the Pura Vida. There are alternatives to being over active. Just let yourself in.
No stress – no meeting.



The first step in creating and feeling the Pura Vida lifestyle is to relax. Yes – relax – simple as that. Get accommodated with your new place to stay and take your time to have a look around.

The only recurring appointment you could have is to sip a nice sun downer on the dune. But only if you feel so.



Reading a book is always an option. Sitting on the deck, having the changing rhythm of the sea and the wind in your ears while diving into an other world inside your book.

But you are already in an other world here in Linga. Sounds like a story within a story story.


take a walk

There is always the possibility to take a walk on the beach. Mozambique has about 2700 km of coast line. You will find always a place to walk on the beach.

Life starts early in Mozambique. As soon as the sun comes out, people are on their way doing their this. So getting up early, have a cup of coffee and take a walk on the beach is a common thing down here.

Early in the morning or late afternoon is an ideal time for a walk. And when you come back you can have a fresh cold coconut water drink.


count the coconuts

Do the Coconut Challenge and try to count the coconuts! But beware – there where others who went nuts on it.

  • Start slowly – take the first tree you can see from your sun deck and count the nuts
  • Once you feel comfortable, count the others you can see from your sun deck
  • The brave ones now can get up and count the nuts around the house
  • And if you still feel like going on there is plenty of playground around for you

The Portuguese must have been bored to death, that they planted so many palm trees all over Mozambique 😉

Other activities

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